VBS ClearView Products Suite

Vision Business Solutions, Inc. (VBS) has developed ClearViewEIS, an enterprise information system (EIS) and data analysis tool that gives you access to operational data from within your ERP system. ClearViewEIS gives you the ability to quickly drill down to source transactions and view those transactions in summary or detail, in real time. ClearViewEIS is comprised of Financials, Project Management, Production, and Parts Management.

ClearViewEWS—Our ‘WorkStation’ product not only allows users the same easy access to their data as ClearViewEIS, but makes it faster to look over your data and then to make updates directly into your ERP system database. For example, Project Managers have the ability to upload values from a spreadsheet into their Job Budgets.

ClearViewFS is a Field Service tool that integrates seamlessly into your ERP system. ClearViewFS is becoming a must-have for engineer-to-order companies who realize that taking care of their products is going to earn them—or some other company—recurring revenues. Users can report their labor charges, make note of any materials used or ordered, create notes specifically for the item being inspected and maintained, and create a new Job in the system for the replacement work. All of this is available from any device that can open a web browser.

ClearViewMES (Manufacturing Execution System) consists of three modules: Material Tracking, Labor Collection, and Time and Temperature Sensitive Material Tracking.

ClearViewMES-Material Tracking is a barcode-based data-entry system which allows companies to combine traditional plant floor activities with handheld-device functionality, thus making for a more efficient capture of real-time transactions. Activities such as recording a physical inventory count, material transfers between bins or physical locations, receiving incoming Purchase Order lines, or issuing material against Jobs or Accounts all become easier to capture because the person performing the actual work uses the handheld interface to electronically record the transactions as they are happening.

ClearViewMES-Labor Collection gives shop floor personnel the ability to attribute hours worked directly to specific jobs via a handheld device that interfaces directly to the ERP software.

ClearViewMES-Time and Temperature Sensitive Material Tracking allows for Work In Process and Raw Material to be integrated with MES via a hand held device. This program is used to handle the special requirements of aerospace customers or any customer that specifically requires the tracking of shelf life of the material, how many times it has been in and out of a freezer and the total time it was stored above a required temperature point.