Establishing a
Framework for Success
Professional Services

Through our various professional services, we endeavor to provide a framework for customer success. These are structured to provide a complete and organized approach to implementing an ERP system, governed by a project management component, focused through a consulting methodology, and advanced through a progression of training and implementation attainments.

Project Management

A Vision Business Solutions Project Manager is a solution expert and a central point of contact for all your needs during an implementation. The project manager will oversee the development of the implementation plan, assign resources, monitor progress and act as the principal ultimately responsible for the success of a project.


Consulting lies at the heart of an implementation and entails gaining an understanding of your processes, challenges and strengths. With these in mind, a consultant will facilitate the process of aligning your business and the workflows supported by the ERP software. Together, training, implementation, and the consulting process form a solid triad on which an implementation is constructed.


Training begins the process of understanding the different components of an ERP system and the possible ways in which they can interact. The early stages of an implementation will consist largely of familiarizing the implementation team with each program in each module, in essence, looking at and learning about each of the moving parts individually. Later, in the implementation, these parts are to be looked at as a working whole.


Implementation brings the essential dynamic of a business, distilled and clarified in the consulting process, and merges that with the framework of an ERP system, resulting in a working, streamlined, and flexible environment for supporting your business functions. Achieving a successful implementation will entail meeting specific goals and defined metrics, ensuring an objective standard for success.

We encourage you to contact us to talk about how our professional services can help meet the needs of your company.