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Application Support

After your company goes live on an ERP system, you may find you need occasional, ongoing application support. An application support subscription operates on a flat monthly fee that gives you access to the people that know both your business and your ERP system. Whenever you have a question about the software, workflow, or the impact of new business processes, you can talk to the consultants that worked alongside you, and who came to learn your business during the weeks and months of an implementation. Application support bridges a gap left by a software vendor’s support structure, which is aimed at resolving bugs and releasing patches and upgrades. While the continuing responsibility of fine-tuning your system falls to you, the user, you do not have to go at it alone, and Application Support is the means of ensuring you can reach out to us whenever you have need, without necessarily having to accrue unplanned and open-ended expenses. Please speak to your consultant for terms and limitations.

Implementation Support

During the course of an implementation, and apart from scheduled aspects itemized under the project plan, questions and quandaries will arise that require brief consultations to resolve, typically over the phone. Project implementation support, billed at a flat rate for a defined period, is a means of controlling and limiting costs that would otherwise be billed at an hourly rate. The functions that fall under this plan include administrative tasks, planning time, and phone support and troubleshooting that lie outside the scope of the implementation methodology. While these activities can run into the dozens of hours, and thousands of dollars, in a given month, the administrative overhead for both our clients and for us are enough that we encourage clients to consider this flat, discounted fee at the early and intermediate phases of an implementation. 

We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how our support services can help meet the needs of your company.