Evaluating ERP Systems Software Selection

Vision Business Solutions can assist you in wading through the challenging, and sometimes even grueling, process of differentiating, evaluating and selecting the most effective ERP investment for your business.

When considering an ERP system, one of the most difficult challenges you may face is understanding the complexities of these systems, from among dozens of candidates, and how well they may support your business processes and objectives. Marking valid distinctions between candidates for evaluation takes, at the very least, comprehensive knowledge of the systems themselves, and a thorough understanding of your business. Additionally, knowledge of the ERP industry’s direction, of the relationship between the various players, and of the ecosystems in which the various systems subsist, will help to ensure the suitability and long-term viability of your system selection.

Our consultants’ combined experience with dozens of the leading systems, past and present, and the insight gleaned from working with hundreds of manufacturers across many industry segments, will help to ensure that your company’s goals and operational requirements, present and future, will be met and exceeded.

We encourage you to contact us to talk about our software selection services. We will be glad to conduct anything from an informal conversation about ERP evaluations, to discussing a formal selection services engagement – in either case, we believe you will come away with new insight and clarity concerning the ERP selection process.