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Epicor Enterprise Planning and Scheduling Management

Epicor offers a comprehensive solution for forecasting, material requirements planning (MRP), scheduling, and advanced planning and scheduling to meet the needs of today’s agile businesses.

Epicor Enterprise Performance Management

Epicor Enterprise Performance Management is an end-to-end solution that removes the barriers to better business insight through a combination of intuitive user experiences, user driven key performance indicators (KPI), and prepackaged analytics that have real meaning to the business.

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Epicor Enterprise Project Management Epicor Project Management is a comprehensive solution for project managers who plan and execute simple or complex projects
that can require intricate multilevel phases as well as strict costing and complex billing.

Epicor Enterprise Financial Management

Epicor Financial Management offers a refreshing new approach to business, a suite of accounting applications built for the highly regulated post-Sarbanes-Oxley Act world, built around a series of “global engines“ that support effective financial management and control anywhere.

Epicor Enterprise Human Capital Management

Epicor HCM provides the broadest flexibility, enabling you
to implement and finance your HCM solution in the most appropriate way for your business.

Epicor Enterprise Time Management

Time Management in Epicor provides a highly configurable environment for the recording and management of time across projects, jobs, service orders and internal codes. Time can be entered online, on the shopfloor or in the office, resulting in quick and accurate recording.

Epicor Enterprise Tax Connect

Epicor Tax Connect is a fast, easy, accurate, and affordable way to calculate and file sales and use tax. Epicor Tax Connect is a sales and use tax management service that eliminates the tedious work and complexity of calculating, collecting, reporting, and remitting taxes in multiple jurisdictions. 

Epicor Enterprise Supply Chain Management

Epicor offers you a full range of Supply Chain Management (SCM) capabilities, built within a single business platform, based on industry leading service-oriented architecture (SOA). Epicor SCM is a full suite of enterprise application capabilities including purchase management, sourcing and procurement, and much more.

Epicor Enterprise Service Management

Epicor Service Management optimizes customer service with timely response to customer requests and puts knowledge in the hands of customer service personnel.

Epicor Enterprise Sales Management

By streamlining the sales process with centralized access to product, pricing, and customer information, orders can be generated with a minimal number of steps.

Epicor Enterprise Maintenance Management

Epicor Maintenance Management enables manufacturers, distributors, and services organizations to save time and money by the efficient scheduling and prioritizing of both planned and unplanned maintenance.

Epicor Enterprise Global Business Management

Whether through acquisition or organic growth, more and more companies are wrestling with the complexities of managing multiple business entities. Epicor Global Business Management ensures that no matter how distributed your organization becomes you can maintain business without barriers.

 Epicor Enterprise Expense Management

Expense Management in Epicor helps eliminate administrative effort, increasing efficiency by providing a secure environment for the recording and management of multicurrency expenses across projects, jobs and service orders as well as purely internal expenses. Expenses can be entered online or in the office, resulting in quick and accurate recording.

 Epicor Enterprise Search

Epicor Enterprise Search provides a comprehensive search capability, offered both embedded within Epicor enterprise resource planning (ERP) for easy navigation or available to be invoked as needed within popular Web browsers and productivity tools such as Microsoft Office.

Epicor Enterprise Production Management

Epicor offers a comprehensive solution for make-to-order, mixed-mode, make-to-stock, engineer-to- order, and configure–to-order manufacturers; including light assembly features for distribution businesses. Modular in design, the production control suite of modules include Job Management, Lean Manufacturing, Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Quality Assurance, and Advanced Quality Management.

Epicor Enterprise Product Data Management

Epicor Product Data Management (PDM) serves as a central knowledge repository for process and product history. PDM promotes integration and data exchange among all enterprise users who interact with products—including project managers, engineers, salespeople, buyers, and quality assurance representatives.

Epicor Enterprise Enhanced Quality Assurance

Enhanced Quality Assurance is a fully embedded component of the application and is configured to use serial and lot tracking for each sample, storing this data within the results database. Finally, this module takes advantage of robust configuration tools to enable results entry forms to be configured to match unique business test plans layouts.

Epicor Enterprise Customer Relationship Management

We’ve designed Epicor CRM to help you stay ahead of the curve and successfully meet the challenges that the market brings—helping you effectively manage your entire customer lifecycle from prospect to cash to care, improve operational efficiency and accelerate growth—both internally and externally.

Epicor Enterprise Business Architecture

Offering new levels of extensibility and scalability, it is a technology asset that meets a company’s requirements today, yet remains flexible enough to accommodate opportunities in the future. This unique blend of tools and technology constitute the business architecture we call Epicor Internet Component Environment (ICE).

Epicor Enterprise Asset Management

Epicor Asset Management helps you record, track, and depreciate your fixed assets for optimal utilization. Asset Management also automates 
the tracking and management of the asset throughout its useful life—from acquisition to additions, maintenance (with Epicor Maintenance Management) and disposition.

Epicor Enterprise Advanced Financial Reporting

Epicor Advanced Financial Reporting (AFR) allows the creation and distribution of professional financial reports to company stakeholders. It allows the management and viewing of financial data in a user friendly and easy to use environment.

Epicor Enterprise Lean Principle Management

Lean thinking is now increasingly being applied to all areas within the organization – from sales and marketing to engineering and production through to finance and post sale service. The true benefits of lean thinking will only be fully realized when the entire enterprise adopts lean ideology. Epicor enables enterprises to attain this goal.

Epicor Enterprise Document Management

The number of digital documents and files on our computers is growing exponentially as well. These tools are needed for the management and retrieval of documents and for the support of processes in which they are created and edited. That is what document management systems are all about.