Enterprise Information System ClearViewEIS™

Vision Business Solutions has developed ClearViewEIS, an enterprise information system (EIS) and data analysis software solution, to provide effortless access to operational data from within your ERP system. The versatile ClearViewEIS software integrates with Epicor, Jobscope, or virtually any ERP system, creating a user-friendly interface that gives you the ability to quickly drill down to source transactions and view those transactions in summary or detail, in real time. ClearViewEIS is comprised of Financial Management, Project Management, Production, and Parts Management.

Financial Management

Financial Management allows you to view your financial records in a summary or detail display. Within the ClearViewEIS software financial modules, we offer an extensive security package to ensure your data is password protected.

  • AR View – Accounts Receivable (AR) View allows you to view transactions for AR billings, AR payments, invoices, customers, advanced deposits, AR aging, and shipments. These transactions may also be viewed by line item detail. 

  • AP View – Accounts Payable (AP) View allows you to view transactions for AP invoices, vendors, and receivings. 

  • GL View – General Ledger (GL) View allows you to view account transactions by period. You can also view account activity for each account and export these numbers to an Excel spreadsheet. Tabs include Transactions, Accounts Payable, AR Billings, AR Payments, Cost Applied, Material, Labor, and Period Balance. 

Project Management

Project Management allows you to view your entire project and drill down to the transaction level. This module is designed for project managers, engineering managers, and executives of your business. Project Management includes functionality from your job budget to production delivery. This view allows you to drill down to line item detail. Your budgets are available to view and manage for labor and materials. Hourly transaction and allocation record details can be accessed by double-clicking on the associated item. You can view a Job Cost Summary of your labor and material cost related to the job. Within our enterprise information system, any data in the Project Management module can be exported into multiple reporting formats.


With our EIS software solution, you can view the status of all items in production through the Production module, which is designed for engineers, production managers, material managers, and executives of your company.

  • WO View – Work Order (WO) View allows you to view your work orders in production.
  • Production Status – This option allows you to view the operation status by release or work center.
  • Bill of Material – You can view requirements by part number or by job number.

Parts Management

Parts Management allows you to view details of all the parts in your system. This module is designed for parts managers, inventory managers, material managers, engineers, and executives of your company. 

  • Inventory View – Inventory View allows you to view detailed information on stock inventory, lot inventory, and job inventory and export to an Excel spreadsheet. 

  • PO View – Purchase Order (PO) View allows you to browse purchase orders and view details on vendors and receivings. 

  • Part Pricing – Part pricing allows you to display a list of parts and manage pricing based on vendor contracts.

The ClearViewEIS software solution is a versatile, user-friendly enterprise information system. Whether you need a simplified Jobscope interface or streamlined access to data from within virtually any ERP system, ClearViewEIS delivers. To learn more about how this tool can help make the most of your ERP investment, contact VBS today.