Embracing Best Practices Business Process Consulting

A successful implementation hinges largely upon a willingness to take a good, hard look at the business processes of the past, and upon the ability to embrace new, well-vetted ideas. Business processes are usually adopted and adapted over time, in response to the demands of the day, and are constrained by the resources of the day, as well. The result can be a legacy of administrative constructs, systems and routings that defy understanding, much less explanation. And they are more than just methods of conducting your business – they have, at some point, become traditions. Under ordinary circumstances, the entrenched nature of these processes can defy efforts to revise them, but the implementation of a new ERP system can provide the momentum – and more to the point, require you – to break away from stubborn habits and to adopt streamlined, auditable, best-business-practices.

From the outset of a new implementation, or during the process of reviving a failed previous implementation, our focus is to review the purpose and rationale for your current business processes, to eliminate non-value-added activities, and to align as closely as possible with best practices. Our goal is to see an improvement to your bottom line by enabling visibility to key information, reducing costly mistakes and rework, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Business process consulting – truly understanding your business – is the central component of our implementation strategy, and can also be brought to bear on businesses that want to make the most of an existing solution. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help you to manage and bring about the change necessary to make your business leaner and more competitive.